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Bale’s Farm offer a bespoke therapeutic session for those who feel they would enjoy the many benefits from ecotherapy, such as lowering stress, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. As well as support with growth and healing for mental health. 


The provision is based at a smallholding in Daccombe, we will have a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to use and there will be a variety of animals including goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. Bale’s Farm will also provide an opportunity to learn practical life skills, develop independence and the importance of responsibility.


In our allotment area the person can engage in land work, learning and understanding the process of growing their own fruit and veg.

The person will have the opportunity on a daily basis to feed the animals, take them for walks, cuddle with them and learn about them – their diet, their habitat, how they grow etc.

We will be able to use the land we are based on to go on nature walks, build dens, go stream/pond dipping, cooking on a campfire and learning how to conserve the environment.

The person will be able to take part in a variety of nature inspired crafts, ideas, experiments and games.


Our staff are well versed in a variety of communication methods including British sign language, Makaton and PECS as well as using visual aids and gestures to support the spoken word, we will ensure we offer the correct support to each individual.


And of course, we will have our assistance dogs – Bale, Grace, Arthur and Mabel on hand all the time to provide that bit of canine companionship and animal assisted therapy.

If you are interested in a farm therapy session please get in touch!

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