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Animal Care

The young people at Bale’s Farm have amazed us this week with their hard-working ethic! With over 50 animals to care for, the learners take the challenge of caring for different animals in their stride. Whilst the therapeutic benefits of having the animals on site cannot be overstated, assisting in keeping these animals allows opportunities for young people to: build confidence, grow in independence and develop a sense of responsibility. The bonds created between the young people and animals on the farm have helped to create an environment where our learners feel safe to explore new learning opportunities and develop their social skills.

Caring for the animals has inspired many of the activities completed this week. As a part of their ASDAN Animal Care course, one learner has been comparing the cost of buying dog care accessories from two different online shops. Others have been investigating ethical pet ownership options, such as animal adoption and rehoming. ASDAN courses offer opportunities for group discussion on topics where learners may have opposing views, allowing the young people to practice both their speaking and listening skills.

Further to these discussions, one group time activity sparked an interesting debate! Whilst playing ‘Dog Bingo’, people shared which dog breeds were their favourite and why. It was fantastic to see so many of our young people engaged in a group discussion.

Do you have a favourite dog breed?


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