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This week we have taken inspiration from the animals at Bale’s farm to bake and decorate animal cupcakes . With such intricate piping our young people have demonstrated patience and some seriously steady hands. Their combined efforts have resulted in a farmyard that looks good enough to eat! Some of the learners have even chosen to include their animal bakes in their food-wise ASDAN course to evidence their ability to bake food that both looks and tastes tremendous. They have been completing peer reviews of each other’s baking, giving a score out of 10 and offering compliments and ideas to improve next time.

In the workshop the young people have been designing name signs for the horse’s stables and their bedroom doors . In order to use the pyrography pen safely, the learners have been assessing the risks that come with using hot tools and how to hold the pen safely . As the academic year progresses, our learners are becoming more confident with taking ownership of their learning and responsibility for the projects they wish to undertake.

To continue building friendships and strengthening relationships between peers we have been offering ‘social time’ to the young people. During this they are supported to play turn taking games, structure two-way conversations and ask questions of others. We are now beginning to see the learners using their conversational skills in independent discussions too.


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