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At Bale's Farm we provide a diverse selection of courses designed to nurture the growth of our students' skills and knowledge. Explore the courses we offer below to discover how we can enrich your educational journey.

Believe | Acheive | Learn | Experience 


Key Steps

Key Steps offers a versatile program covering various topic areas such as citizenship, PSHE, environmental education, personal finance education, enterprise, and internationalism. The flexibility of Key Steps means that individuals can engage with Key Steps for a duration of up to three years or for less than one year. 

ASDAN Short Courses

ASDAN's short courses offer a range of engaging and flexible programs designed to enhance personal and employability skills. These courses cover various topics and provide learners with valuable practical knowledge and experience to support their personal and academic development. 

Personal Development Program

Personal Development Programmes will introduce learners to exciting new activities and challenges, by focusing on their individual goals and abilities. Alongside this, the course provides the tools for self-assessment to help the learner reflect on their learning journey.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes link to nationally recognised qualifications. 

Functional Skills

Functional skills qualifications are available in Maths, English and ICT. They are designed to provide students with practical knowledge that can be directly applied to real-world scenarios. This type of qualification is key to building foundations for learners to progress into their specialist skillsets.

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