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Advent Week: Continued

Well the weather was well and truly confusing today but that didn't stop us! ☔️🌤⛈

We continued with creating our advent calendar which is very nearly finished. The kind messages on the back are thoughtful and lovely to read.

Our animals got lots of love today, especially our guinea pigs Asher and Greyson. They snuggled in with two of our caring children. I don't think the guinea pigs wanted them to leave!

Leek and potato soup was being made in the kitchen. There was some great team work going on here. With some young people making bread rolls which took time to prove before hand and others creating the delicious soup🤩 We all sat in the hut at the end of the day with our soup and bread to play a game of dog bingo!🐶 Amazing work today guys👍🥳


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