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The Jurassic Coast

At Bale’s farm this week we have been learning all about the Jurassic coast! Devon is a part of this UNESCO world heritage site and historically fossils have been found along our coastline. We have also been learning about the neighbouring county of Dorset which is still a hotspot for finding fossils. We have discovered this week that fossils are the preserved remains of prehistoric plants and animals and those who study fossils are called palaeontologists.

The young people have been exploring the formation of naturally formed fossils, feeling their texture, and comparing the fossils of different species. Some of our young people have even gone on to create their own ‘fossils’ out of Plaster of Paris. Others have created wax rubbings of fossils which highlight the intricate details of the preserved creatures.

To celebrate the work of the famous palaeontologist Mary Anning, we have been using the internet and non-fiction texts to research her life and write biographies about her. As she was born in Dorset we decided to bake ‘Dorset Apple Cake’, a tasty treat enjoyed by everyone at the farm. Take a look at how one young person used slices of apple to create a spiral pattern inspired by the shape of a fossil on her cake!


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