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Interactive Learning

What is something you have done this week that you are proud of? At Bale’s Farm, we have introduced ‘Time to Reflect’ books and are encouraging learners to think about some of the amazing things they do every day. In order to promote a positive sense of self, these books have been introduced so the young people have a record of the achievements they make, however big or small! Most importantly, each learner chooses what they wish to include in their reflection book so that it is full of memories which are important to them.

In the kitchen, learners have been exploring how to make healthy meals to enjoy at home. Cheesy broccoli pasta has been a hit! Who knew that a dish with so many vegetables could taste so delicious? We have been discussing the importance of eating a variety of different foods and many of the young people are beginning to show confidence in trying their own bakes.

As a part of their ASDAN Animal Care coursework, some young people have decided to help out the Bale’s Buddies team by taking on the responsibility of training the dogs some new tricks! Assisted by our dog trainers, the young people have been teaching Slinky to “roll over” and Peach to give a “paw”. We have been amazed by how the young people have used their initiative to direct their learning.

Don’t forget to stop at Bale’s Farm Shop on your next visit! The young people have hand-collected eggs from our ducks and chickens, and carefully decorated some more jars of home-made chutney


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