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Bale's Farm Welcomes 2 New Goats

Meet Edward and Gordon! We have two new Golden Guernsey goats who have joined us at Bale’s farm. Edward is the lighter coloured one and Gordon is slightly darker. Being that Edward and Gordon are still kids they are still very small and so can fit through tiny gaps. Already the young people have been a huge help in assisting to secure a safe place for our new friends to live by finding ways to attach chicken wire to the bottom of the gates, so the goats aren’t able to slip underneath. Completing practical activities help to build a sense of pride within our learners as they are immediately able to see the outcomes of their work and how these can benefit others.


Edward and Gordon are settling in very quickly and joined our goat walk in group time this week! They are growing in confidence every day and have already made friends with Thomas, Percy and the farm dogs. They are full of energy and have even been racing the young people. Whole group activities encourage learners of all ages to come together and bond over a shared activity.


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