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Bale's Kitchen

The kitchen has been a hive of activity this week with our weekly cooking activity in addition to learners completing ASDAN Food wise tasks. We have been discovering which foods are currently in season and collecting locally grown apples to make amazing apple crumble! One of our focuses whilst cooking this term is to maintain kitchen hygiene with the young people taking on greater responsibility for cleaning while they cook and ensuring they keep their workspace hygienic. At Bale’s Farm we support all aspects of learning, including promoting independence, enabling young people to develop holistically and build a toolkit of life skills.

As always, animals have played a large part in our learning this week! Polly and Dolly have been enjoying grazing in the field next us and the young people have been thrilled to spend more time with the horses close by. Many of our learners find horses to be calming, and we all enjoy the sound of Dolly’s excited whinnying when she is excited to see us!


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