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Building a bird feeder, Windmill biscuits and more!

Today our young people have been continuing with our topic of air, and lots of them have been busy in the kitchen making windmill cookies. These are delicious soft biscuits, flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spices and ground cloves. Our young people have also been labelling the different parts of a dandelion and learning about its life cycle, such as how its seeds are dispersed by the wind.

One young person has been busy researching birdfeeders, designing their own plans and constructing it themselves. The bird feeder has been cleverly designed to swing so that only small birds are able to balance and eat the food, to discourage larger birds such as seagulls.

It is World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday, and our young people have been preparing for this day by exploring Autism in closer detail. They have been using their comprehensive reading skills to look at case studies of children with Autism and developing their understanding that we are all unique!


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