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End of Term

It's our last week of term on the farm. This week we are wrapping up our topic of "The world we live in". Our young people have had a busy start to their week, completing various activities to conclude our topic.

For crafts this week, there was a range of animal crafts based on the different animals around the world, such as sewing pandas and a sloth puppet. The young people learnt how to follow instructions to complete their creations. Other art activities included preparation for our end-of-term celebration, such as making elements of the games. One of these were creating wooden farm animals for the "hook an animal game". They used acrylic paints to decorate their animals, and they turned out excellently. Everyone has also been working hard on making country flags over the past few terms; with the help of our lovely Zoe, the sewing machine has been put to good use. We are so proud of their work.

For the topic this week, our young people have been summarising all the information they have learnt over the past year on the different continents. They have completed word searches, competitions and quizzes on the seven continents of the world. It is great to see how much information everyone has learnt over the last year.

Were all looking forward to the rest of the week for lots of end of term fun, including our very own Bale's Farm Bake Off on Wednesday and our End Of Year Summer Celebration on Friday. See you all soon!


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