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Harvest Festival

Every autumn in England, the Harvest Festival is celebrated! It is a way of giving thanks for the food which is grown and harvested across the country. It has been celebrated since the 7th Century, a time when people were reliant on locally grown produce for their food.

At Bale’s Farm, we have been reflecting on the bountiful crops that we have grown in the allotment over the past year and some of the delicious meals we have made with this food.

Since September we have used homegrown fruits and vegetables to make vegetable stew, apple crumble, tomato chutney and blackberry jam- to name just a few. We have been talking about where fresh produce comes from, and how we can choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to reduce the amount of imported food we eat.

Some of our learners, who are preparing for life beyond Bale’s, have been thinking about living on a budget. We have saved money on our shopping this year by using fruits and vegetables harvested in our allotment. The young people have discussed how to track their spending of money accurately, what they might need to spend money on, and who they can ask for support with handling their finances.

We think you will all agree that this has been an extremely successful half-term at Bale’s Farm. We have one more day of Farm School tomorrow (20th October) and then will be closing for the half-term holidays until we come back together on Monday 30th October. Wishing everyone a fantastic break!


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