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Hedgehogs, Independence and Confidence

Did you know that hedgehogs have over 5000 spines on their body? We have been discovering facts about British mammals and attempting to spot as many wild creatures as possible. We are regularly visited by a number of native birds, and have even located a badger sett in the top field! Whilst searching for wildlife, one of the learners spotted a huge mushroom growing and used her observation skills to identify whether or not it was safe to touch before picking it.

To encourage independence in their life outside of Bale’s Farm, we have been exploring money and budgeting with the learners! Some young people have been learning to recognise different coins whilst others have been using a variety of coins to create total amounts. Learners who are becoming young adults have been helping us to calculate how much money is spent on animal feed at the farm each month.

During a recent game of “duck duck goose” we were delighted to witness how young people took on the role of mentoring their peers, explaining the rules of the game and giving encouragement to one another. However, it’s not only the learners at Bale’s Farm who have been forming friendships. Take a look at how trainee Therapy Dog, Mango, has been building her confidence around smaller animals.


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