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Kindness Week

Last week it was kindness week and to celebrate we have been making play dough to gift to one another! Each young person took time and care to make something that they were proud to share with their friends We also spent time thinking about acts of kindness we have seen at Bale’s farm and in the community. We collated all of our ideas on a kindness tree in the hut to give us inspiration for kind things we can do in the future.

Hedgehogs have been our British mammal of focus this week. The young people have been researching new terminology. Did you know that “nocturnal” animals are creatures that sleep in the day and are awake at night? We have used our culinary skills to make ‘Hedgehog bread’, which required us to use scissors to snip spines all across our dough. To help develop fine motor skills we have been using clay to sculpt. More firm than play dough, clay needs more pressure applying to be able to manipulate. Some have been exploring methods of joining clay to pine cones, whilst others have been using a pincer grip to poke wooden spines into the body of their creations.

The animals at Bale’s farm have been spending time with the young people again this week. The learners are becoming increasingly confident in visiting unfamiliar animals and complete ‘farm jobs’ which they have never done before. Even the Guinea pigs have been practising wearing their harnesses this week to go for a walk around the farm!


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