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New Animal Enclosures

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the young people and staff at Bale’s farm who have helped to transform our animal enclosures! The huge amounts of rain we have had recently made everything extremely muddy; to keep our animals clean and healthy a huge team effort was required to re-design their living quarters. The learners at Bale’s farm rose to the challenge and excelled in the landscaping project. Some of the young people helped to clear out the mud which had been created by the wet conditions, whilst others used their physical strength to bring new resources up to the top area of the farm. We have been amazed by their dedication and enthusiasm for what was an incredibly messy and exhausting task. They showed mental resilience when we had to re-think some of our ideas due to logistics, and even more so when the pigs managed to turn over all of their freshly laid bark and soil within a day! Have a look at the photos on this post to see just how incredible the new enclosures look. We are very impressed, and the animals are too!

Elsewhere on the farm, young people have been exploring forces in action! They have been exploring the relationship between speed, time, and distance by using a model rocket launcher, slingshots, and handmade sailing boats. Others have been using their creative ideas to make sensory bottles from water, oil, and glitter. These sparkling creations have captivated the imaginations of our young people, with one describing the bottle’s contents as “like stars in space”! Sensory bottles can provide a visual focus for young people, helping to contribute to a calming environment when they become dysregulated.


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