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St David's Day

It was a very rainy day on the farm today , but that did not stop our young people, in fact it gave them the chance to use all of the space of our newly swapped work rooms.

It is St David's Day tomorrow, and our young people have been learning about the history and traditions associated with this celebration. Since 1120, the 1st of March has been the day when the Welsh commemorate the patron saint of Wales, and it is traditional to wear a leek or daffodil. Leeks and daffodils are the national symbols of Wales, and St David began this tradition by telling his soldiers to wear leeks on their helmets when they went into battle with the Saxons, so that they could easily distinguish between sides. When St David's became a national festival during the 18th century, the daffodil became a popular alternative for the leek. As part of the learning this week, our young people are completing daffodil paintings, making daffodil biscuits and origami daffodils.


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