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This Week

Can you believe that it is our third week back already? The autumnal weather has arrived but that hasn’t stopped the young people at Bale’s Farm from taking their learning outdoors. We have continued to spot changes in the natural environment and have noticed even more following Saturday night’s storm.

To encourage new friendships and build on their communication skills, the young people have taken part in some extremely competitive team games of Pictionary! We definitely have some budding artists in the group.Those preparing for Functional Skills exams have also been working together to come up with creative ways of recalling spellings.

Our young people are becoming ever more independent in the kitchen and this week have created rice and vegetable stuffed peppers topped with cheddar cheese. Did you know that cheddar cheese gets its name from the town of Cheddar in Somerset? We have now learnt about three of the counties in England and have been amazed at all of the food that originates from this country.


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