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Welcome Back!

After such a long winter break, the animals at Bale’s farm have really missed our young people! Plenty of cuddles have been welcomed by the animals and this has supported the learners with their transition back to Bale’s.

We have started off the Spring term with an investigation into our home county, Devon! Our learners have made fact files and maps about Devon, labelling major towns, cities and the surrounding counties. They have also been labelling personal places of significance, such as their homes, places they like to visit, and Bale’s Farm! Understanding where we are geographically has helped some of the young people to visualise just how big Devon really is!

Some learners have worked collaboratively to construct replicas of iconic landmarks in Devon. Check out this model of the Royal Albert Bridge built out of multilink cubes! Building a bridge of this size required the young people to communicate effectively and think critically about how they could stabilise the structure to prevent it from collapsing. Even Brunel would be impressed with their engineering skills!


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