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World Wildlife Day and World Book Day

Tomorrow is World Wildlife Day and the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day, so our young people have been focusing their learning on these two events today.

The theme for World Wildlife Day 2022 is 'Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration', which aims to raise awareness of the critically endangered species of plants and animals in the worlds ecosystems, and to generate ideas to implement in these ecosystems to conserve the endangered species. To enrich their knowledge of our worlds wildlife, our young people have been matching animal prints to the animals that made them and creating wildlife paintings.

To mark its 25th anniversary, the theme for World Book Day is 'You are a reader', and our young people have been celebrating this by completing a book scavenger hunt, which involved searching through lots of books for certain words, themes and events, such as a happy ending. They have also been completing book themed word searches and writing concrete poems.

As spring approaches, preparations are beginning for the planting of our new seeds. Some young people have been assembling raised plant beds which are going to look fantastic in our 'Veg Patch'. Keep going everyone!


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