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2021, the year of Bale’s Farm 🥳

What a fantastic year it’s been here. We set up the farm late last year in the hope to help many different children thrive in an outdoor learning environment. 2021, taking on our first year of young people, we can happily say we believe our wishes have come true.

We are all so proud of every single one of our young people that attended the farm this year. Seeing the keen creativity and care for our animals was truly beautiful. Seeing them succeed in learning and for most, coming out of their comfort zone has been heart warming😊

We started off by hatching 3 chicks in late 2020 and a year on, we now have 30 animals🦆🐴🐣🐐

A massive thank you to all the staff too who have made this dream a reality! We are so lucky to have an amazing group of people to run the farm and work with our young people.

We hope everyone has a wonderful start to the new year and 2022 is a fabulous one 🎉


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