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Around The Campfire 🔥

When it comes to having a campfire, our young people love to get involved. From collecting sticks and lighting the fire to preparing the food, there’s something for everyone to help with🤩

Our young people learn important skills when we have the campfire like how to use the flint to light the fire, correctly using a knife when cutting, collecting dry sticks to help the fire keep going, learning about the ‘fire triangle’ and much more.

It’s lovely to see some of our young people helping others that are not confident around the fire. Things like helping them find a long enough stick for their marshmallows or helping them turn their bread so it doesn’t get burnt. We always have our fire marshal, Arthur around the campfire to advise the young people and making sure everyone is working safely. He also gives a strong hand with helping put out the fire at the end of the day👍🏻


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