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Baking on Bale's Farm

Here at Bale's Farm, one of the main activities we like to do with the young people is baking👩‍🍳

We find that baking is not only great because of the finished product but its everything else that gets put into creating it. We explain that washing our hands before and after baking is essential for hygiene reasons. The young people are able to identify what ingredients are required and also measuring out the correct amount needed. They learn how to use knifes, peelers and whisks safely. We encourage the young people to also clean up after themselves - this includes washing and drying up, wiping the table and sweeping the floor.

Frequently, the young people are paired up for this activity. This is beneficial as learning to work with other peers and sharing is a great way to form new relationships. We all love the yummy treats that the young people make!🧁


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