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Earth Day

Our young people have been continuing their Earth Day focused learning by exploring how we can take certain actions to protect our planet. They have been thinking of five different ways that we can help our planet and have come up with some amazing ideas such as recycling, car boot sales and using green energy.

They have also been learning to appreciate the beauty of the natural world by using crayons and paper to take some natural rubbings, enabling them to see all the fine details of many different types of leaves and bark.

Some young people have been learning how to reuse materials and make amazing creations from old cardboard and other materials, by taking part in some junk modelling. One young person has created a bird house from an old cardboard box and used shredded paper to create the nest, they even created two birds out of playdough too!

Lots of progress has been made in our Veg Patch, with many herbs and edible flowers being planted, such as Viola Cornuta, Chamomile Roman and Chive. We cannot wait until these flower!


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