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Easter Fun Days

It is the second week of our Easter fun days, and the sun was beaming down on everyone today. Our theme this week is bees and honey, so our young people have been getting stuck into some bee themed crafts.

Some young people have been creating bee habitats from plastic bottles which they have put bamboo in, these will be hung from trees and create a safe habitat for bees. Planters were also made from old tins; they were decorated like bees and beautiful primroses were planted in them. Honeycomb ice cream and honey biscuits were being made in the kitchen, and more crispy cakes were made over the campfire.

Many of our young people have been making their very own kazoos from hazel branches, this allowed them to learn and improve on skills such as sawing and learning how to safely use a knife to split their branch and chisel out the kazoo hole. They used a rubber band to create the sound and they all really enjoyed playing the kazoo around the farm.


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