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First Day of the Summer Term

Welcome back everybody!

It is the first day of a new term and learning is already in full swing!

It was Earth Day last Friday, a day that is close to our hearts at Bale’s Farm, this day raises awareness of environmental issues and aims to preserve and conserve our planet and its amazing biodiversity. The theme this year was ‘Invest in Our Planet’ and focused on encouraging everyone including businesses and world leaders to switch to greener energy and technologies and to invest in these, to invest in our future.

Today our young people have been creating Earth Day Collages using tissue paper, these look amazing, and everyone had so much fun making them. Earth sugar cookies have been baked in the kitchen, our young people created Earth coloured cookies by dyeing a quarter of the dough green and the rest blue, and then merged them to create the Earth.

Everyone joined together at the end of the day to play some group games such as Duck Duck Goose and Kim’s game, where our young people tried to memorise a selection of items on a tray before it was covered.


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