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Our learning focus this week is rivers!

Our young people have been creating beautiful silhouette river paintings, using skills such as blending to create the sunset and flicking the paint brush to add stars.

In the kitchen delicious strawberry butterfly cupcakes have been made, they have a vanilla sponge and vanilla buttercream. There are strawberries and jam to create the butterflies and sprinkles to add some very pretty decoration.

Our young people have been learning about rivers around the world and river wildlife, specifically otters. They have been learning about where otters live and what they eat through comprehension activities and they have been learning about the physical geography of a river.

At the end of the day some young people came together to take part in team activities, including a pair moving from one side of The Hut and back but they could only stand on two pieces of paper. This helped practice excellent teamwork skills whilst having fun at the same time.


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