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Winter Olympics ⛷

This week on the farm we are focusing on the Winter Olympics! ⛷⛸

Our young people have been making their very own Olympic medals from salt dough that was baked and then painted. They hung these around their necks with gold ribbon and wore them proudly. 🏅

Down in the kitchen, Olympic cookies were being baked and decorated with icing and Smarties in the Olympic flag design.

We have also been focusing on the countries involved in the Winter Olympics, such as painting pebbles in the design of a participating country's flag and finding each previous hosting country on a world map. Our young people also managed to spot that all host countries were north of the equator, this is due to the higher latitudes and land mass and therefore more snowfall.

Fun Olympic flag collages were also being made, using an empty jar and plates full of paint. These were really fun to do and are especially good to look at!


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